Monday, December 3, 2012

Rachel McAdams' Superhero Ability

As the holidays approach, everyone has their set of movies they just have to watch during Christmastime.  One of mine is "The Family Stone."  You know, the one with Diane Keaton, Claire Danes, and let us not forget, Sarah Jessica Parker.  For all intents and purposes, I'm unsure of why I like this movie so much because I find Sarah Jessica Parker's face to be outright frightening.  Something about her translucent blue eyes remind me of a vampire.  And her pointy nose reminds me of a witch.  And (Lord forgive me) her face in general reminds me of a horse.  So, as you can imagine, a vampire- horse-witch is breathtakingly scary.  You understand.

Anyway, to my point.  Rachel McAdams also stars in this film.  And there's a scene where the vampire- horse-witch gives all of the family this portrait of Diane Keaton's character preggers with Rachel McAdams character.  And I kidd you not, R.McAdams starts crying on the spot.  Which, of course was scripted.  But you know when you watch a film and can tell they're just making the ugly cry face and it's truly insincere?  She is the opposite of that.  She produces some deep, emotional, crying.  Kind of like the crying I did during "Marley & Me," except a little less hysterical.

And it made me remember "The Notebook."  Didn't she cry two or twenty times in that one?  But with her, you never think, "Ew, this is some overacting and I feel embarrassed for her."  Much like how I feel anytime I see Vanessa Hudgens act in anything.  Including real life.

Thus, this is how I found out that Rachel McAdams superhero ability is most certainly the ability to cry, believably, on the spot.  A useful, and lucrative (in her case), ability.  I think her crying is more believable than my actual, real-life crying.  Though, as we all know, I don't cry and I don't have a heart.  Just an empty bowl that can only be filled by cereal.  The Grinch knows where I'm coming from.

To end this, instead of sharing a compilation of Rachel McAdams displaying her superhero ability, I'd rather share with you this montage of Claire Danes doing the ugly cry face.  She does it quite often in the majority of her work.

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