Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thanks, Marina.

So I know a lot of people don't watch music videos anymore, but about 3/4 of the ones that are floating around feature lots of half-naked girls "dancing" and what not. I use quotes, as I'm unsure if what they're doing can be classified as dancing. More along the lines of pre-baby making, or actually, in some videos I think it may be actual baby making.

Thus, I present to you how a music video should be done.  The UK's Marina + The Diamonds (or well, I just call her Marina because we're friends like that) did this video for a pretty catchy song off her sophomore album.

It's like she read my mind and took every idea I had for a music video. The only thing missing is a shirtless Zefron scene. Though, to be fair, had she included that, I think the world would've imploded.


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