Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What did we learn from the 2017 Oscars?

Just want to let you all know that my 13-hour flight from Japan landed in time for the Oscars Red Carpet because I clearly have the right priorities. So what's the first thing I did when I got home, smelling like recycled air and peanuts? Subjected myself to Seacrest and Rancic of course!

I was pleased to find that E! had once again relegated Rancic to the Roosevelt Hotel across the street because let's be honest with ourselves, people like Alicia Vikander should not be immersed in the true horror of Rancic's orange-handed interviewing. 

Which, speaking of Alicia, let's jump right into fashion.

This is what Ali V. (omg she hates it when I call her that) wore to the show and to the Vanity Fair after party, proving that she did not come to play with y'all and is simply here to slay. Also, she showed up wearing the tan that Rancic so desperately wants with her hair in a post-gym pineapple bun because she is Alicia Vikander and can do shit like that. It's 100% selfish of her to have both this face and that amazing accent AND be a talented actress. I bet she doesn't even do normal human things like sneeze because sneezing is unattractive and there have been zero recorded incidents of an unattractive Vikander.

My other favorite dresses of the evening:

You guys, it's like last year's awards show season broke up with Brie Larson and this year is her revenge year (which is of course untrue since she won everything last year). Nonetheless, her dresses have been sharper than Captain Crunch cereal on the roof of your mouth and I'm here for it. I love the ruffling at the bottom of this that is quite literally shaped like Ruffles chips and who doesn't love a good Ruffles chip.

Naomie Harris has taken everything I love about clothing and put it into one ensemble: 1) A cape 2) A dress that is long enough that you don't have to sit like a nun all night but short enough to show you shaved your legs 3) A peek-a-boo tummy window that proves to be useful at the after party when In-n-Out is served. I only hope she put that cape to good use at some point in the night and whipped Karlie Kloss in the face because WHO THE HELL INVITED KLOSS TO THE OSCARS? I DEMAND A RECOUNT.

Plenty of ladies have worn red dresses on the red carpet, but anyway those are all cancelled now because Viola Davis has done it and no one will ever be able to top her.

Lastly, I'm not the biggest Kirsten Dunst fan, but I love this dress because it has pockets and there are few things I love more in life than pockets on a dress. How many bags of M&Ms do you think she was able to sneak in? I bet there's like a whole container of Sour Cream & Onion Pringles too. So glad our dear Kiki was looking good that night because I can only assume the Oscars presented her with a lifetime impact award for her performance in the critically acclaimed melodrama "Bring It On."

And now, to the 15-hour show!

Vikander + Mahershala Ali = Be still my beating heart
I have already framed this photo and placed it in my heart and also every room of my apartment. Look how sincerely emotional she is for him! And how gracious and gorgeous and sweet and also good looking and also handsome he is! Mahershala in an all-black suit turned my heart into a mess of Nature Valley granola bar crumbs. These two can never act in a film together because my doctor tells me it will kill me.

Let's put "Can't Stop the Feeling" to bed now
Just a reminder that a song from the Trolls movie was Oscar nominated but Pharrell's "Runnin" from Hidden Figures was not. AN ACTUAL OUTRAGE. Not that Justin is to blame, but I mean, his new haircut might be. Actually, his new haircut is 100% to blame. Not throwing shade at all though because his performance was upbeat and entertaining, actually put on a jacket because here comes the shade, I want to bury this song in a concrete box and throw it into a volcano then throw that volcano onto Mars then throw Mars into a black hole leading to another galaxy to ensure I never hear it again.

Viola continues her quest to make my heart grow 3 sizes
While I was not surprised that Viola Davis won the award for Best Viola Davis in a Supporting Role, it didn't diminish the impact of her speech. This woman could convince me to set my hair on fire and wear a Duke jersey to my own wedding. I don't think I even blink when she's speaking for fear of not properly soaking in her words. When an evil witch has Sleeping Beauty'd me and Mahershala Ali has not been able to Prince Charming wake me up, play a montage of Viola Davis speeches and I'll instantly be revived. But remember to have Mahershala try his hand at reviving me first, that's crucial.

Actually, first submit that montage of Viola speeches to the Recording Academy for Viola to win a Grammy next year therefore clenching her EGOT. 

I'm not one to start rumors about myself with male celebrities, but word on the street is that I'm dating Riz Ahmed and since I'm not denying it and he hasn't said otherwise it must be true. I'm digging this gif because it so perfectly encapsulates what it's like to trip and fall onto Riz, then stand up and check him out. I'm not advocating ogling men because they are not just pieces of meat and hahahaha just kidding I'm of course saying you should ogle them. Women are paid 80 cents for every dollar paid to men so if we want to make up that 20 cent difference by ogling good looking men, BY GOD WE WILL.

Real best friends get matching Oscars
Those handmade thread bracelets really pale in comparison to having matching Best Actress Oscars. I'm assuming Brie and Emma will now get their Oscars put on diamond friendship necklaces to wear around all the time as a show of their permanent bond. I'm kidding of course, that'd be ridiculous because Oscar necklaces are so hard to match with. Fashion is difficult!

While on the topic of Emma, it's important to note that in her speech she said "thank you to my soul sister Kristi." That's right, that spelling and everything. To answer everyone's question, yes, she was referring to me. And to think, the police tried to tell me that camping outside of someone's house for four months was "weird" and not the "basis for friendship." HA. I clearly showed them.

Speaking of breast friends, #MiBusy!
I may be a bit biased but I loved both of their dresses and the fact that they were front row to the night's debauchery. I'm only saddened by the fact that they had to sit sandwiched between the Hooflack brothers at some point (I suppose this was necessary since Michelle was in Manchester by the Sea with nasty ass Casey Affleck). Because of this, we were gifted this reaction when the La La Land-Moonlight Envelopegate happened:
Prior to that when times were simpler, they enjoyed candy parachuted from the ceiling and I imagine Busy tried to get Michelle to eat a Red Vine but Michelle was like "Red Vines are fucking disgusting" because they are and it remains the only subject of contention between them (besides the whole Pacey thing back in the Creek days).

Someone rescue Dakota Johnson('s career)
Dakota Johnson is actually pretty funny and being funny is a talent and therefore it makes zero sense for her to be wasting her time on the sinking, embarrassing ship of Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm bypassing her dress choice because it mostly reminded me of a fancy folded silk napkin which only made me want a fancy hamburger and also french fries and see this is why I didn't bring it up. What must it be like to attend an evening celebrating the best in film to have someone ask you about a movie franchise based on Twilight fan fiction? I imagine it'd be like me attending the Pulitzer Prize ceremony to discuss my latest handmade pop-up book.

Chris Evans has fallen victim to the Zefron effect

Scientists have only recently coined the Zefron phenomenon (named after Zac Efron, duh), which is most commonly recognized by the presence of a plethora of films featuring horrendous acting but so many shirtless scenes that you forget your brain is slowly dying from exposure to the terribleness. Okay and some of you are up in arms like "He's Captain America!" and all that other BS, which I agree, his acting chops were really put to work in that skintight muscle suit. And he had to hold a shield! True Renaissance Man! Anyway, I'll see myself out.

I didn't include Janelle, Taraji and Octavia in the best dressed list above because they deserved their own standalone mention. I remain saltier than a crushed bag of Fritos over the fact that Taraji and Janelle didn't get nominations and honestly that Hidden Figures didn't win more. My caps lock can't quite express my thoughts on this iconic trio and their absolute fashion slayage and the fact that they brought out the real Katherine Johnson, so I'll let Beyonce help me.
I demand a recount.
Reminder that Casey Affleck is literal garbage and settled lawsuits by two women for sexual misconduct and harassment. This is the second time Brie Larson has had to present this human stain with an award and she was once again not having it. Still professional, but who says you have to clap for crap? NO ONE. Anyway, for more looks of disgust, here's Emma and Viola:

Because they realize that as creepy and disgusting as Casey looks on the outside, he's infinitely more creepy and disgusting on the inside. I only hope one of them yelled "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US" at some point.

And bonus, Chrissy T sleeping during his acceptance speech with a special appearance of Ali V. not giving a rat's ass.

Sometimes a recount does happen.
Let me start off by saying I loved La La Land. It's a feel good movie that kind of helps you escape the current shit storm we're in and it's beautiful to watch. But you guys, Moonlight literally hits you right in the heart and makes it ache. An absolutely amazing story complemented by unbelievable performances with ridiculous cinematography. So, when La La Land was mistakenly announced, I felt a flashback to Adele beating Beyonce at the Grammys. But before this flashback could fully materialize, the Oscars Kanye'd themselves declaring Moonlight the actual winner. And it was all very confusing and like YOU HAD ONE JOB TO DO. DO NOT SCREW UP THE BIGGEST AWARD OF THE NIGHT. This is like preparing Christmas dinner and paying close attention to the cranberry sauce and stuffing but then forgetting to cook the turkey all the way. NO ONE HAS TIME FOR YOUR RAW TURKEY, OSCARS. 

Anyway, was glad to see Moonlight get its due credit. And the cast and crews reactions!

Per tradition, obligatory Chrissy T
At this point, you know me well enough that I don't have to express my somewhat creepy undying love for CT and the fact that she and John are so beautiful together that I randomly weep thinking about them. BUT THIS DRESS AND ITS CAPE COMPONENT! Also, the day before the show, our beloved Chrissy tweeted this out, therefore bringing us full circle with the Vikander effect:

Generally wondering, what happens to those celeb seat cards? Is there just some trash can outside the Kodak Theater full of them on the day of the show? And how accessible is this trash can? And how tall is it? Would one need a ladder to access it? Asking for a friend.

And that's it! Per usual, a long ass show but this time with a dramatic ending. I leave you with this moment that has created a fear that Nicole Kidman will kill me with her seal fins or lobster claws or whatever these things are. She's getting really sloppy with these "human woman" costumes she's choosing to wear.


  1. Chloe's friend here! I love your award show posts and as mentioned in a past FB comment, we would definitely be friends. Thoughts on the tour bus skit? Did you think it was staged, because what planet did those people come from that they didn't realize it was Oscar night in LA? Admittedly if it were me, I would have burst into tears upon seeing so many beloveds in one room.

    1. Hi Ling! Aw, thanks so much for reading! I'm glad my random ramblings make sense, haha. Omg that tour bus skit kind of dragged on a bit. There's no way those people didn't know something was up! I'm mostly suspicious though and think it was staged bc how could the producers risk just letting any random people onto a live show? I can't even describe the emotional state I'd be in. I can only assume I'd need Ryan Gosling to calm my nerves by holding me.