Monday, November 20, 2017

What did we learn from the 2017 American Music Awards?

It's our last Red Carpet of the year! For a "major" awards show anyway, and I use quotation marks heavily here because as far as I know, the AMA's haven't been major since Beyonce last attended in 2008.

I'm going to skip over the two hours I spent having my brain turned into mashed potatoes by E!'s Red Carpet because you already know my thoughts. To summarize: Giuliana wasn't there but she has managed to siphon her idiotic interviewing skills into every person who works at the network.

Best dressed:
I absolutely love Kehlani and I'll give you a moment to Spotify and memorize all of her music. I actually don't see her on red carpets that often, so this was a pleasant surprise. I'm 100% in with this outfit. It's like she was lounging at home in a black bathing suit, then her stylist showed up and was like "Girl, the AMAs are in an hour" and she was like "Cool, I'm just gonna cover up with this lacey curtain." It has every element I love in a dress: 1) Shimmery 2) Lacey 3) See through. Also, her makeup and hair were onpoint and I bet at the end of the night, she simply removed the curtain and got into bed. Easy fashion!

Haliee Steinfeld is keeping my favorite trend going -- the suit + bra combo. Digging the pointy-Disney-villain shoulders on this jacket and I'm even onboard with the slicked back hair look. The best part of the jacket is that later at the afterparty when they bring out chicken fingers and fries, she can button the jacket up to hide the fact that she's eaten 5 lbs. of chicken. Plus, she can use the grease on her fingers from said chicken to keep her hair in place. Multifunctional fashion is my favorite.

Worst dressed:
I don't know if this is Florida or Georgia from Florida Georgia Line, but I am not feeling his "I'm a flasher" look. I'm sorry this image is huge but I needed you to get the full effect. And honestly, guys have it so easy when it comes to dressing up. Here's how to conquer the red carpet as a man: 1) Comb your hair 2) Wear a nice, tailored suit 3) Brush your teeth 4) Bring M&Ms to share 5) Don't come dressed as a creep in a trench coat. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

I'm not mentioning anymore fashion because one person showed up and topped everything:

I am actually screaming just reliving this look. Y'ALL. If you're wondering what a "revenge look" is, this is it. The blonde hair. The hoops. The leather jacket dress. Is this look a ventilator because I AM LIVING FOR IT. I was still feeling sad about her breakup with The Weeknd, but this look shut down everything because in short, Selena wins. Does anyone know where I can acquire this dress because I plan to make it my main look during my rebel, Rihanna-bad-girl phase. I think I'll also use it during my first divorce hearing. Also, can y'all bury me in this. Great, thanks.

While on the topic of Selenita, she performed her new song "Wolves" (her only televised performance of the year) and it was...interesting.
The theme seemed to be Civil War swamp ghosts and dear God those dresses were some of the creepiest shit I've seen in a while. They are the exact dress that ALL ghosts wear. And Selena had fake wounds and blood and I had no idea what was going on. I'm 65% sure she was lip-synching probably because she knew those dollhouse ghosts would continually scare the air out of her. Anyway, it was weird AF and I felt frightened for most of it, and thus I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.

Kelly Clarkson: Still got it
Kelly's voice is absolutely insane and I cannot believe that the runner-up in her American Idol season was mother fracking Justin Guarini. Meaning the American public chose between Kelly Clarkson and her amazing ass voice and Justin Guarini. I will never understand. She performed "Everybody Hurts" with Pink and then on her own later.

During her solo performance, she sang "Miss Independent" and 16-year-old me could not stop screaming. Don't play like you didn't blast that song in your used Honda while pretending that some dumb boy had wronged you. And her dancers were dressed like Carmen Sandiego while she looked like a regal, golden bird and this entire aesthetic was supreme.
Unsurprising section where I make you uncomfortable about my love for Shawn Mendes
E! did me an actual favor and asked Shawn if he brought a date and if he's seeing anyone to which he replied "I didn't bring anyone and I'm not seeing anyone." He went on to say that the one thing he's looking for in a significant other is "a sense of humor." And look, as women we should never strive to be something just because a man deems it mandatory, but anyway be on the lookout for my Netflix special titled "Kristi has a sense of humor and is single and will completely change herself in any way to date Shawn Mendes." Also here is actual footage of me upon hearing he didn't bring a date:
My little poutine performed "There's Nothing Holding Me Back" and even though his hair is getting long and kind of poofy and he can't rent a car without being charged an extra fee, I still love him. All of my creepiness aside, you have to admit he has a pretty spectacular voice. And he won the award for best adult contemporary artist, key word here: ADULT. 
So I first learned about BTS during this year's Billboard Music Awards and I thought they were adorable. There's 7 of them and their name stands for a Korean expression that quite literally translates into "Bulletproof Boy Scouts." They are MAAAAAAAJOR in South Korea and have a pretty legit global presence on social media and this year Time named them one of the top 25 influential people on the internet. 
Anyway, they performed their single "DNA," lip-synched into Britney mics and danced and I would've thought it was cheesy had I not been so busy screaming. And I don't even speak Korean but I guess this is how I'll finally learn.

Okay Pink, we get it
Pink recently did Carpool Karaoke and she told James Corden that she thinks it's easier to sing while suspended upside down. I don't know how this woman does it. I can barely eat a bowl of pasta without getting winded and here she is hanging off the side of a Marriott hotel, flipping and shit, while singing live. The last time I tried to do something of this multitasking level I was driving and tried to reach for some macaroons in my passenger seat. Long story short, it ended with me jumping a curb and popping a hole in my tire. We can't all be Pink I guess.

I need hoop earrings
This new era of Demi Lovato is amazing. That tan. The long, straight black hair. That IDGAF attitude. AND THOSE HOOPS. I cannot stop thinking about the hoops. I went through a hoop phase in middle school because Teen People told me they were cool and while I haven't worn them since, I think it's time for a resurgence.

She performed "Sorry Not Sorry," which coincidentally enough is what I say to my friends after I eat their fries while they're in the bathroom. We can all agree it's a banger and has the lyrics "Now payback is a bad bitch and baby I'm the baddest, you fuckin' with a savage" which I plan to somehow incorporate into my wedding vows to let my husband know what's up. 

Lastly, I can't screech enough about Demi's eye makeup and PERFECT BROWS. ACTUAL PERFECTION.

Do presenters get to request how they're introduced?
Before Kat Graham came out, they introduced her as "actress, singer, activist" and honestly like 15 other things and it made me wonder, do you just get to request anything? Like could you be introduced as "Actress, Non-practicing model, 2nd grade sit-up record holder, and Chrissy Teigen enthusiast"? Asking for a friend.

ABC needs to stop with shots of random audience members
Okay this isn't a random audience member, it's actually Julia Michaels, but I couldn't find any gifs of random audience members because THE INTERNET DOES NOT CARE AND NEITHER DO I. None of us care what Janice looks like dancing to Nick Jonas, okay. NONE OF US.

Christina looks...different
And by "different" I mean DAMN THOSE LIP FILLERS. I was excited to see her perform a tribute to Whitney and "The Bodyguard" because XTina's voice is crazy. But to be completely honest, all I did was stare at those pillows around her mouth. How many tubes of gloss did she have to use? It just seems like so much work. And okay I'm about to say something that may be unpopular...I thought there was something off about her performance. She hit some amazing notes and she 100% still has it, but I don't know. It's like when you get a sandwich but forget to order cheese on it and while you're eating it, you're like "this just isn't right." Christina was missing that cheese factor.

Just a reminder that Ashlee Simpson is Diana Ross' daughter-in-law
Diana Ross won the Lifetime Achievement Award and closed out the show and I don't need to yell to you about how iconic she is. She brought her entire family, which includes Ashlee "Pieces of Me" Simpson, who is married to Diana's son Evan. Evan, by the way, is smoking hot and I look forward to being his next wife and marrying into the Ross family.

As a reminder, Diana Ross has won countless awards, has been inducted into Hall of Fames and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from our old pal Barry Obama in 2016. And meanwhile, Ashlee Simpson said insightful things like this:
And where was Chrissy, might you ask?
Her and John sat courtside for the Lakers v. Nuggets game wherein she put mustard on a hot dog and played Super Mario Odyssey on her Nintendo Switch. She continues to be an inspiration in my life.

And that's it! Another awards show season in the books and another year that I was unable to figure out how to reach through the TV and slap Giuliana. There's always next year! Til then, I'll be posting random posts here and there on pop culture topics that demand my snark expertise. And you can always creep on me here.

See you soon!

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