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What did we learn from the 2018 Golden Globes?

This post is brought to you by Amy Poehler, who we did not get nearly enough of during the show. We forever cherish the renowned and historic Golden Globes of 2013-2015 that Tina Fey and Amy gave us.
So, like a child touching a hot stove repeatedly and never learning her lesson, I watched E!'s 3,000 hours of Red Carpet coverage that literally began last December, hosted by some randos I don't know and Kristin Cavallari. I have to be honest with you, Kristin is not the worst thing on the planet. Okay, you caught me, I love her? While Rancic's voice is more grating than parmesan cheese, I can connect with K. Cavvy (I just made that up, you're welcome) and she gave us emotional moments like this on The Hills:
Anyway, I was enjoying the preheat to this oven before everything exploded during the actual fail carpet with Rancic and Seacrest. If you didn't hear, E! correspondent Catt Sadler recently quit the network after finding out lil' Jason Kennedy was making TWICE her salary. This was despite the fact they started at the same time and honestly had the same levels of fame and did the same amount of coverage. She asked for a raise and E! denied her. You can read more about this on her blog.

I was of course waiting for at least one star to bring this up and pour the hot tea on E!'s ignorance. And Debra Messing delivered! During the first interview! I'll let you watch below (clip also includes Eva Longoria showing her support while Seacrusty looks on):
Okay we have to move on because I'm worried Rancic's self-tanner is going to seep through the screen and I honestly just scrubbed all of it off from the last time I watched her on a red carpet.

Before we jump into the fashion: In case you've avoided all social media and TV and radio and magazines and any humans talking about anything, practically everyone in attendance wore black in support of the #TimesUp movement (which you can read more about here). Also, eight actresses brought activists as their dates, you can check out Refinery29's gallery here

Best dressed:

To be honest, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about Emilia Clarke's bleached hair but I am all about this look. The boob-peek (that's the official fashion lingo for this cut) complemented by the straight blonde hair and elegant make-up PLUS look at the face she is serving. It reminds me of the look I give to the buffet boy when he refills the fried chicken at Golden Corral. I'M COMING FOR IT.

Issa Rae is becoming one of my absolute faves on the carpet. She is stunning and I am here for this gown that let's her do the Angelina Jolie mono-leg pose. Oh, you thought this was just a plain dress? SURPRISE THERE'S A GIANT RIP THAT MY LEG CAN POKE THROUGH. Those are the best dresses, tbh. Both sexy and also breezy.

I'm realizing that I don't think I scream about my obsession with Jessica Chastain enough. I have loved her since The Help and she's pretty consistent in being the Ginger Gorgina at every event. I dig the old Hollywood vibes she's giving with this look and she is someone that I feel would be insane to see in real life. And by "insane" I mean you would just stare at her, trying to see through to her DNA to confirm she is the same species as you. Like, is she just the more evolved version of the type of woman I am? She is Charizard and I am just a basic ass Charmander? (YES THAT'S A POKEMON REFERENCE, I AM COOL)

Okay I know I am the only one on the planet who is picking Alicia Vikander as best dressed but what can I say, I'm a loyal ass friend. I know she looks like a cross between a Civil War widow and a witch on the Oregon Trail, but let's overlook that. Her face! And make-up! How she can pull off a middle part! She is one of the only women on the planet beautiful enough to wear a turtle neck grandma dress that is about as fashionable and sexy as a roast beef sandwich and still look amazing.

To the show!

Big Little Lies, you guys
The show won in every category it was nominated: Best Miniseries or TV Film, Nicole Kidman for Best Actress, Laura Dern for Best Supporting Actress and Alexander Skarsgard for Best Supporting Actor. Which, look, it's important to note that based on how much I still fucking hate Perry (Alexander Skarskgard's character), he more than deserved the award. And I'm not going to caps lock assault you again about how amazing Nicole is in the series, rather, I want to caps lock assault you about how amazing Laura Dern is. 

Lizzy D (what she asks I call her) is stunning, and not just for a 50-year-old, like across all women. She fully immerses herself in every character she plays and for the most part I want to know what expensive ass water or weird-mushroom-Kombucha-yoga shake she's drinking because I need it. She, like Nikki Kidman, gave an inspirational and moving speech.
BREAKING: My love for Zefron has been rekindled
I know I previously expressed satisfaction over our breakup because of his general lack of acting abilities, but per his face and also body in this black suit, I have changed my mind. KRAC IS BACK (KMac + Zac, duh). I think God invented stubble specifically to be sported by Zefron. And good lord, his crystal blue eyes. Okay and don't come at me, I know he's like 5'8"and petite, but he's so beefy too! He's like my little filet mignon. Small but satisfyingly beefy.

The only thing I've told him to improve upon is to stop doing this pose:
He does this dumb shit on every red carpet. First off, if being a teenager taught us anything it's well, don't eat salad when you have braces because that shit will be in every metal crevice. But it also taught us that you shouldn't touch your face. It just spreads oil and creates monster zits. I just don't get it. Is he wiping away drool? I know I look good eating a buttery grilled cheese in these new cropped sweatpants and all but damn, calm down.

Sterling K. Brown got the award he deserved last year
And obviously said what anyone would say if faced with a front row Oprah. Um, remember how Sterling K. Brown didn't win the Globe last year for his role in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story? I'm assuming this award doubles for that as well as his current role as "man who makes me cry every week on This Is Us." Honestly. Every week. How does he do it? He is also the first black actor to win the category and if my Justin Timberlake Cry Me a River tears are any sign, he'll win a lot more.

Who knew Leslie Bibb was married to Sam Rockwell?
First off, all I remember Sam Rockwell from is the Charlie's Angels movie with Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore. Remember, he's the genius who fakes his kidnapping (bc he's actually the bad guy) then they rescue him and then he acts all charming by telling Drew that he doesn't know how to make Shake-n-Bake and blah blah they sleep together. It's such a complex movie. So he won Best Supporting Actor in a Film for Three Billboards and who even knew he was married to Brooke McQueen from Popular? If you didn't watch Popular, it was a short-lived teen drama on The WB about white people having drama while wearing pastels. Anyway, I'm glad to see her career has really skyrocketed.

A Hermione and Cedric reunion!
I'm not a Harry Potter fan (sorry to disappoint), but oddly enough, I've seen Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire like 450 times. Mostly because it happens to be the movie that I always seems to catch on TV and also because I paid to see it in theaters. I don't even remember why I paid to see it, I think it had to do with the promise of an XXXXL popcorn. It was also meant to be because Rob Pattinson is in it (but dies, wtf) and we all knew I was destined to be obsessed with Twilight. Anyway, my little British heart (part of my heart is quite literally made up of mushy peas) loved this Emma + Rob pairing. Even though I now know Rob is weird and probably does shit like watch you sleep or stare at you through bushes, it's nice to reminisce.

I really need to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Rachel Brosnahan won for Best Actress in a Comedy Series and the show won Best Comedy Series, which I mean, you really can't go wrong with an Amy Sherman-Palladino show. And she used her speech to ask about cheese which I am always onboard for. And as the Globes failed to ever nominate Gilmore Girls and only nominated Lauren Graham once (A TRAGEDY), I assume this is their way of making amends. After I watch Mrs. Maisel, I shall decide if this is enough.

Allison Janney is the expert at playing the mom
She was the mom in Juno. The mom in Hairspray. The mom'ish starfish in Finding Nemo. The mom in the show Mom. And of course, the crazy ass mom in I, Tonya. Which please watch immediately if you haven't already, if not to just appreciate her call back to her character with this fake bird:
The Best Supporting Actress in a Drama might be the toughest category this awards show season. Between Allison Janney, Laurie Metcalf, Mary J. Blige and Octavia Spencer, it's like choosing between tater tots or waffle fries. Allison Janney took the Globe home, but to be honest, I would be happy to see her Mean Girls the award and break off pieces for each of the nominees.

Oprah received the Cecil B. de Mille Award and honestly I was already crying just from the montage they showed of her career before she came onstage. Then she gave a speech that was more moving than the tectonic plates beneath Pangea that separated the continents. Please just watch and join me in feeling both inspired and hopeful for the future. And by "future" I mean when Oprah runs for president.
And while it was frustrating for every single male winner to not address wage disparity or inequality or sexism in the industry, I kept replaying Oprah's speech for sanity and like I said, inspiration.

And here is just one woman Oprah is considering for vice president:
YOOO DAT NATTY P. DOE. Coming through with the WELL DESERVED shade of the evening. Also look how Richie Cunningham giggles. Once again, five humans who are not capable of birthing children were nominated for Best Director. And look, almost every year it's horrendous that women aren't nominated, but this year proved to be especially horrendous because SO many deserving women directed amazing films. Dee Rees for Mudbound. Patty Jenkins for Wonder Woman. Greta Gerwig for Lady Bird. The Golden Globes quite literally had to go out of their way to avoid nominating a woman. Here were the dumb looks 4 of the 5 men had (Guillermo del Toro, who won, had a similar face, so you're not missing anything):
If you haven't gotten the gist, the evening belonged to the women. As most evenings should, because as I continually point out, 105% of women are better than 100% of men. And I know we had that tiny slip-up with Eve and the gross apple thing, but like Hannah Montana says, everybody makes mistakes!

I'd like to end this post by providing recorded footage of my reaction to Lady Bird winning Best Musical or Comedy:
I know. I look like Beyonce, I get that a lot.

See you all later this week for the Critics Choice Awards!

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  1. I also really need to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. We'll have to discuss once we both finish. I just keep seeing Rachel Brosnahan from House of Cards, and also, confusing her with Evan Rachel Wood. ALSO, Jennifer Aniston saying "Oh" when she saw Rachel's name as the winner for this category, HA!

    I'm still not over how Sterling didn't win for The People vs. OJ. HOW?!?! Besides the fact that HFPA is a much different group than all the others...